Managing profits at an enterprise in market conditions


  • T.S. Tsovma National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute»


profit, generation of profits, revenue management, profit functions


The article considers the question of profit management company. The main factors that influence the formation of profit at the enterprise are indicated. This is a very important topic, because the profit plays a leading role in the financial management system of any activity. And profit is the most desired result of hard work of the enterprise. Ensure effective management of economic categories leads to positive dynamics of profit. Dictionary of Economics shows profit as the ultimate monetary value of production and financial performance and is the most important indicator of the financial results of the company. The major role in the mechanism of profit management plays the system of profit management. This is the interdependent set of internal divisions that are responsible for the development and management decisions and are responsible for it. That is why we need to analyzed the necessary parts arrived, such as the notion of the profit, profit function, generation of profits, classification of profits internal and external factors influence on it.



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