Organization of anti-crisis management at enterprises based on innovations


  • Z.G. Gontard Lviv State University Of Life Safety
  • M.K. Sokolova


crisis management, crisis, economy, bankruptcy, enterprise


Crisis management is a system of management measures to diagnose, prevent, neutralize and overcome crisis phenomena and their causes at all levels of the economy. A significant number of domestic enterprises are in a state of crisis, financial performance is deteriorating, competitive positions are being lost, which could lead to bankruptcy. Of particular relevance is the problem of crisis management, which involves the prevention of crises, their effective overcoming and elimination of negative consequences. The aim is to deepen the theoretical provisions, improve methodological approaches and provide practical recommendations for improving the efficiency of the crisis management mechanism in enterprises. Process innovations include innovations in the interaction of the enterprise with the external environment, the processes of inventory management, cash at the enterprise, general management, as well as technological processes of production. To overcome the losses of enterprises and prevent their occurrence in the future, it is necessary to pursue a policy of crisis management, which provides for: constant monitoring of the financial condition of the enterprise in order to identify early signs of its crisis development; selection and use of effective internal mechanisms of financial stabilization of the enterprise; implementation of a set of measures to improve the management of their finances on an innovative basis. Based on the analysis and generalization, the peculiarities of enterprise management in a crisis characterized by the ability to increase the risk of bankruptcy and influence the accumulation of anti-crisis potential of the enterprise under the influence of the negative direction of a set of social and economic factors.


2021-01-25 — Updated on 2021-01-25

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