Acceptance of management decisions regarding investments in fixed assets of the enterprise


  • D.S. Kupriyanova Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade named after Mikhail Tugan-Baranovsky


management decisions, investments, projects, fixed assets, management, modernization


Objective – to investigate the theory of preparation of projects of administrative decisions concerning investments in fixed assets of the enterprise. To achieve this goal and solve certain tasks in this work used the following research methods: analysis and theoretical generalization - to clarify the essence of the concept of "management decisions" and in the study of factors of investment modernization of fixed assets and preparation of management decisions; systematization and grouping - in the classification of fixed assets and the formation of components and factors influencing management decisions, analysis and synthesis - to study the object and subject of research. The theoretical and methodological basis of this work is the work of domestic and foreign scientists, periodicals, statistical reports, Internet sources, the results of author's research, as well as regulations of public authorities and international organizations in the field of investment. Based on the specification of the specifics of the elements of the management process in the field of investment activities, a model of a draft management decision on investment has been developed. The components of the model are investment management functions; methods of management decisions; management decisions in investment management; objects of management in investment management; factors influencing investment management. Further research should be conducted in the direction of the application of mathematical methods and software products for data processing for the formation and implementation of rational management decisions in the field of investment activities



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