Using modern marketing Internet communication during pandemic


  • Vladislava Shkirenko National Economic University
  • Inna Basha National Economic University


Internet marketing, marketing communications in the Internet space, social media, innovation


It is confirmed that in the current conditions, the COVID 19 pandemic has influenced the life of people all over the world and made impact on all spheres of business. It is determined that in the conditions of COVID 19 pandemic, online communication is of the greatest importance. The research demonstrates that most entrepreneurs have reduced communication in the conditions of COVID 19 pandemic because of extra expenditures. However, communication brings more customers. The work substantiates that in the pandemic conditions, it is important to provide the adequate information about the brand in order not to lose contacts with customers, because in the following periods it will be difficult to reset the relations in the same amount, as well as to be competitive at the market



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1(5) 2021