Historical development and practical implementation of quality management philosophy


  • M.A.J. Mokh National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute»


quality management, quality control, corporative management, philosophy of risks management


Article is devoted to observe of historical development of approaches to conceptualization and practical application of quality management principles: were conducted systematization and analysis of paradigms according to definition and assurance of international standards requirements to quality of products and quality of organization management. Also in the article is represented an analysis of quality management principles implementation presented in system of international ISO standards in Islamic perspective on example of creation national standards of quality management by means of harmonization sharia requirements and international requirements and recommendations according to quality management in Malaysia. Issue of quality management philosophy is coherent with quality of life and level of national economic system development. Thus, in countries of West, Asia and Middle East were prolonged life span of population and facilitated working conditions. Despite of positive results this facilitation brings up also some negative factors as like as acceleration of medicine services costs, population ageing and environmental pollution. Research outcomes and recommendations will be useful for formation more holistic understanding of quality management philosophy and creation of strategies of promotion national products and services into perspective regional markets of Muslim countries.

Author Biography

M.A.J. Mokh, National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute»

PhD student of Philosophy department of National technical university «Kharkiv polytechnic institute»




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