Innovation as a component of the competitive potential of the enterprise


  • O. Kolotiuk National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute»


stocks, automation of the management system of goods and materials, MRP


The article describes methods and an example of the implementation of an automated inventory management system at a household appliances repair enterprise. In the theory of Western and developing countries, an economic analysis of reserves is described, which is built into the creation of a chain of values in enterprises. With the development of the software development market for the automation of enterprise management systems, developers follow the requirements for the formation of value chains in enterprises. Thus, in the final analysis, the stock analysis is fully integrated into the supply chain and value chain. In turn, the supply chain is composed of such stages of the transformation of commodity-material values as: the purchase of raw materials and components; production of semi-finished products; storage of semi-finished products and finished products; distribution of finished products; organization of relations with wholesale and retail customers; use and recycling of secondary raw materials; social activities.



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