Portfolio investment strategies on the securities market


  • K.Y. Zhuravel National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute»
  • D.V. Korobkov


management, investment, securities, portfolio models, analysis, methods, formation


The article deals portfolio models with capital market decline tendencies. The author provides us with recommendations about development of safe and secure strategies of forming and managing of investment portfolios. In this article have been designed the results of the analysis or modern theories and methods to ensure effective investment. Separate models and portfolio investment strategies have been grounded which designed to help. The essence of portfolio investment, methods is determined research of stock market conditions, main strategies are presented the formation of an optimal investment portfolio.The classification of securities portfolios is generalized. The scope of the investment portfolio of applications, rewinds and peculiarities of yogo formations in the minds of the economical unsteadiness is revealed, and the image of the stock market is thrown into the form of the investment portfolio.



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1(1) 2017