Trends and peculiarities of management of innovation and investment processes


  • A.A. Kurchenko National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute»


innovation process, investment process, economic globalization, innovations


The concept of innovative processes is considered, it is found that this is a collection of progressive, qualitatively new changes that are continuously arising in time and space; It is necessary to distinguish the notion of "news" and "innovation", because news arises as a result of innovative processes, as the embodiment of the creative thought of a person into a certain economic and production problem, and the introduction of news in economic practice - this innovation; it was suggested that measures should be taken to introduce a state order with targeted budget financing for the implementation of priority innovations; Reforms the direction of integration of the state and its regional entities into the world economic community in the conditions of globalization. Today, globalization is characterized by the systematic integration of world markets and regional economies, all spheres of human activity, resulting in accelerated economic growth, accelerated implementation of modern technologies and management methods.



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