Theoretical Aspects дослідження поняття інвестиційної діяльності


  • D.V. Sivokon National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute»


investment activity, investments, concept of investments, subject, object of investment activity, efficiency of enterprises


An important prerequisite for the sustainable development of any branch of the economy is targeted investment. The quality of investment, volume and efficiency of investment activity largely depends on the fate of the domestic, which requires significant funds for structural adjustment and improving the efficiency of all forms of management. From the analysis of the understanding of investment activity, the results of economic activity of investment industries are of great importance. Their technical level, the organization of production, the ability to absorb innovation have a major impact on the investment cycle, payback and return on investment resources. On the basis of the analysis of the approaches of the scientists-economists to the definition of the concept of "investment activity", one can distinguish the main key characteristics of the interpretation of investment activity: as an investment of available resources in order to profit or achieve a social effect; as a set of actions aimed at transforming savings into investment; as a process of finding investment resources, the choice of effective investment objects; as an important component of the international capital movement, and so on.



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