Development of models of intellectual data analysis in process management of enterprises


  • O.I. Belly Lviv educational-scientific institute of the State University "Banking University"


innovations, information technologies, cloud data warehouses, intellectual analytical data processing, indicators of financial equilibrium.


In the conditions of the information and communication economy, the management system of Ukrainian enterprises should respond promptly to constant innovation changes. They have to process large amounts of multi-parametric data daily for efficient management decisions. Information technologies are used to provide management processes that support work with large data sets and their intelligent analytical processing technology. We are invited on the basis of this technology to decide on the issue of a decision on the financial equilibrium in a commercial enterprise. Considered a generalized indicator of the effectiveness of enterprise management systems sets the value depending on the efficiency of business operations the level of enterprise cost management entity. Its practical meaning is expressed in the fact that it is aimed at achieving not only high-efficiency operation of its management components. In addition, it can be used to assess the dynamics of economic efficiency of a particular commercial enterprise, and for comparative assessment of different options for improving control systems.



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